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Protect your freedom

Learn to Fall safely

  • Falling is a fact of life.

  • Falls are the #1 cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults (According to the CDC). 

  • You are not alone & it is not your fault 

  • It is going to happen to all of us. 

  • Fall prevention is just not enough. 

  • Everybody at any age falls.

  • But, you as a senior, know that one accidental fall can overturn your life.

  • It can end the independent retirement that you love and even worse...

It takes only 1 month to learn to fall safely.
I know it might be too soon for you.
I want you to have an emergency kit right now.


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Click on the box below and get 5 free video lessons:
1. What is a safe fall?
2. How to stand up after a fall?
3. The vicious cycle of falls and how to avoid it.
4. The secret of breathing and relaxing and how it helps you to learn to fall safely.
5. Relaxation NOT strength - the secret of safely riding your fall.


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When my father fell as a senior for the first time, He was deeply concerned and fearful to fall again and maybe loose his independence next time.
He then asked me to teach him and my mother the art of falling safely.  He knew that One out of five falls causes a serious injury to seniors (According to the CDC).
You too do not want that happening to you!

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 Since then I developed "My Fall Control" program, and taught hundreds of seniors to fall safely. Dozens of whom have already been saved from a fall injury by executing my practices.
As a martial arts specialist, I train my students to FALL SAFELY, to have better balance, and to escape a fall that is about to happen by regaining their balance.

Want to protect your dream retirement from the horrors of an accidental fall?  

You are not alone.

There is a simple, easy, fun way to learn to fall sagely.

Hundreds have already done it.

Get your first free lesson to learn to fall safely.

You do not want to go through all the pain, depression, and being a liability to your family.

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Click the box above,
Fill in your name and email

Get your daily lesson via mail

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Get "first aid"
to prevent your next fall

ready to become a fall master?
start here:

Step 1
Free exercise

Learn how you too can fall safely without impact.
How to protect your independence, so when an accidental fall happens, will just stand up and proceed with your schedule.
No ambulances, no ER, no doctors, no suffering.
Spend less than 10 minutes with me.

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Step 2
Learn to escape a fall when it starts &

regain your balance

This unique program will teach your the balance secrets of Tai Chi and will take you to the next level. Within 7 sessions you will learn to walk better without dragging your feet, you will gain the ability to control your surroundings and avoid falls at home and in crowded palaces & you will learn what is the one move that regains your balance when you are about to fall.

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Step 3
Learn to fall safely

One program that will teach you to fall safely within a month.
It might sound impossible, but it is true.
Hundreds of seniors have already learned to fall safely by exercising with this program. My oldest student started when he was 96 and he too bravely executed my technique to call me and excitedly announce this victory.

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What would you get from My Fall Control training?


If you fall you'll know what to do to prevent a mayor accident


Now you can go out with confidence. Visit your friend and family


You have recovered physical capabilities you thought you had lost


You improved the way you walk and you have better control of your surroundings


Your fear of falling is reduced. You are aware, but fear does not control you

Watch happened to them and how

When you watch these testimonials, you can notice a pattern:

1. The accidental fall happened in a blink of an eye
2. No preparation could be done to fall better
3. The change of the mindset that happened within the training made a great deference
4. The execution of the safe fall happened automatically
5. There is a great difference between the outcome of the fall before and after the practice of the "My Fall Control" method.

Who am I?

My name is Ido Laufer, I am a martial arts specialist, martial arts therapist, and an Instructor of Aikido, Tai-Chi, Chi-Kong, and boxing. I served in the Israeli special forces.

my beautiful smart wife and we have 3 sons.

After my father fell and injured himself in 2014, I developed a falling technique and teaching method, especially for seniors. 

I wanted to make sure that both my parents would remain independent even if they fell again.


Since then, I have taught hundreds of seniors how to fall safely. Many of them have already fallen successfully, got back up, and moved on, without the need for medical assistance.  Learn today and enjoy your golden years to their fullest! 

I also hold an Engineering degree and a post-graduate degree in Engineering.

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