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Protect your independence


Get your "first aid" to prevent a fall - regain better balance.
Learn for FREE the secrets of the Tai-Chi balance and posture in just few minutes.
Click and get your first FREE lesson.

seniors fall safely
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“I want you to age gracefully,
Keep doing what you like 
And be independent…”
(without suffering the horrible outcome of a fall)

Marlene recommends this course

Take control over your independence - learn to fall safely.

Are you afraid of falling?

You are right.

Every second of every day, an older adult (age 65+) suffers a fall in the U.S. - making falls the leading cause of injury in this age group.

Fall prevention is not enough. 

I know that people that you care for have already fallen.

Some terminated their lives as a result of a fall.

Maybe you have already fallen yourself.

You are aware of the danger.

There is another way .

Watch 3 fall stories of 3 of my students below

What would you get from the training?

Improve your posture and stability in just few minutes 



Do you find training a difficult task?

This course is for you.
Start with training just 3 minutes a day, with easy and effective exercises.
Learn how to pick up your daily routine.

If you need an easy routine or just to improve your balance "5 exercises in 3" minutes is perfect for you. Click here.


Do you want to prevent your next fall,

but, learning to fall may be too intimidating for you right now?
No problem!

Start with improving your balance and posture


Learn to prevent a fall when it starts in just one move.

This is specially for you - Practice the "Tai-Chi balance secrets" without the long and tedious actual learning of the Tai-Chi form.
Just click here.


Are you ready to learn to fall safely?

It is now easy and safe.
in just one month you will learn to fall safely in your home.

It is easy, and only requires 20 minutes a day max.

In addition, you will regain movements that you thought you lost forever...

Overcome your fear and learn what to do, so when a fall starts you will act and save your independence.
Click here.

Online Courses

When my father fell  - The origin story

What would you like to know about me?

My name is Ido Laufer,
I am:
a martial arts specialist,
a martial arts therapist,
instructor of Aikido, Tai-Chi, Chi-Kong and boxing,
a veteran of the Israeli special forces,
My formal education: Chemical Engineer + masters in Material Engineering.

After my father fell and was injured in 2014, I developed a falling technique and a teaching method especially for seniors. 
I wanted to make sure that both my parents would remain independent even if they fell again.
Since then, I have taught hundreds of seniors how to fall safely.
Many of then have already fallen successfully, rinsing up and keeping on, without any need for medical assistance.

I have quit my engineering job and am now fully committed to teaching seniors (like my parents) how to fall safely so that they can maintain their independence for years to come.
Are you ready to learn to fall safely?

Please email me any question you may have at:

Ido Laufer

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