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Be a Fall Master


Your fear of falling is completely justified.
I watched my father changes in from of my eyes after his first fall as a senior.

This is the reason I have developed this method to teach him to ride his fall safely to the ground without fracturing bones, and keep on with his schedule for the day.

My mission is to teach as many senior as I can to fall safely.

Start learning bout falls as a senior for FREE today.



Falls are a real threat to the retirement that you enjoy now.
While everybody talks about fall prevention, I teach to ride the fall and safely reach to the ground.

The first stage is mental.
You should over come your fear and hesitation.

Before you join my training, I want you to know me a bit and learn the first fundamentals of falling as a senior.
This is the reason I prepared 5 FREE video lessons for you.

Click on he button below and get 5 first FREE lessons

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Click on the box below and get 5 daily video lessons in the next 5 days for FREE:

1. What is a safe fall?
2. How to stand up after a fall?
3. The vicious cycle of falls and how to avoid it.
4. The secret of breathing and relaxing and how it helps you to learn to fall safely.
5. Relaxation NOT strength - the secret of safely riding your fall.

DO NOT WAIT - every day is crucial when it comes to falls.

No one knows when the next fall happens.


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Who am I?

My name is Ido Laufer, I am a martial arts specialist, martial arts therapist, and an Instructor of Aikido, Tai-Chi, Chi-Kong, and boxing. I served in the Israeli special forces.

my beautiful smart wife and we have 3 sons.

After my father fell and injured himself in 2014, I developed a falling technique and teaching method, especially for seniors. 

I wanted to make sure that both my parents would remain independent even if they fell again.


Since then, I have taught hundreds of seniors how to fall safely. Many of them have already fallen successfully, got back up, and moved on, without the need for medical assistance.  Learn today and enjoy your golden years to their fullest! 

I also hold an Engineering degree and a post-graduate degree in Engineering.

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